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      I’m noticing around a 3db volume push when engaging the Headspace algo. It occurs whether the delays are mixed in or not. I can have all 4 heads at 0 level and will still get this volume spike.

      If I drop the in or the out gain by -3 it’s closer to unity.

      I’m just trying to figure out if this is intentional or a bug. I know old tape units like the Echoplex are famous for their preamps so maybe it’s modeling that? Which is great, but I’m looking for a clean tape sound and would like to avoid that spike, I just need to know if it’s part of the design or an error, and if it is part of the algorithm, what’s the exact number I need to turn things down to achieve unity gain?

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      Hey, I noticed this same issue and posted here several weeks ago. I also emailed customer support and had a lengthy discussion with them. They were able to replicate this volume boost and said it was unintentional. It currently adds about 3db output boost. They told me for now to try turning down the output gain to around -3.0 but that this issue will be resolved in a future update.

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        Here’s their exact response:

                  “We’ve looked into this and found that you are correct. With a stereo instance, the mix control at 0 will give a 3 db output boost compared to when the effect is bypassed and this is not desirable. We’ll have this fixed in a future update, thanks for bringing this to our attention.”          


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      Eventide Staff

      This issue has been resolved in H90 software 1.3.0. Please update your H90 and let us know if you have any issues. Thanks.

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      Would it be possible to implement volume compensation for the rec drive parameter? It can still get very loud with this parameter.

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