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      First of all, excuse my poor english. I hope you can understand what I am looking for… 🙂


      I would like to set up switch my Mod and Timefactor via midi from my Boss ES-8 Looper, but without placing these two Eventide pedals in a loop. I have all my dirtpedals in the loops, all other pedals in behind the ES-8. So, it would be nice to programm some presets with a combination of p.ex. a fuzz pedal in a loop and to activate in the same time p.ex. a trem sound from the Modfactor or a delay from the Timefactor or both. I would like that when I step on one of the preset knobs, the ES-8 activates the programmed loop and at the same time the desired sound (p.ex. bank 4:2) from the Time or Modfactor… I hope you know what I mean 🙂

      I would be soooooo thankful, if somebody could explane that to me in a idiotproof step by step tutorial; because midi is for me like rocket science – and I am no astronaut at all, and, we have no NASA in Switzerland…




      THANK YOU!

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      I might be able to help you. I have two  Eventide H9 devices and a Boss ES-8Are you simply trying to send a midi program change to your Eventide H9 devices, with some of your Boss ES-8 selections?


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        Yes, I would like to send a program change and on/off to the Mod and Timefactor. Like I said, I have no clue about midi…

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        @ Frank

        Cold you please explain step by step what I have to do on both items to make that work? Thank you!

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