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      Hey all,


      So I recently purchased a used H9 Standard, as the title says.

      Today, I was playing around with it a bit, and noticed something kinda funny. 

      I performed a factory reset and restored all the presets to their factory settings as well. I checked the presets with the preset list from Eventide for the H9 Standard and they all match up correctly. No biggie.

      Here’s the weird part. So, by default, the tap switch banks presets and if you press the “Presets” button, it allows you to use the center knob to scroll through presets. Well, I noticed if I press the “Presets” button a second time, it brings up a list of algorithms–Thing is, it’s got all of the algorithms available, including the non-Standard ones. ALL of them are there. I know that you can preview algos for 5 min. a day, so I switched to a non-Standard algo (I tried Spacetime) and was able to play around with it for way more than 5 minutes.

      So, is this some sort of bug, or is it normal? Did I somehow get a H9 Max/Maxed out standard? 

      For what it’s worth, I haven’t registered the pedal to my Eventide account yet; the previous owner didn’t de-register it so I’m waiting for it to be de-registered. If I register it to my account, will I lose access to this?


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      If it's a max, it will say MAX on the display when you turn it on.  Otherwise, it will say H9.

      If it is a max, it will stay a max after you register it to your account.  Otherwise, you might just be seeing some algorithms that he purchases for it on the device, and once you register it to your own account those will go away.

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