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      Hey friends!

      I found a dusty old digitech mc 7 midi controller in my basement. After good 15 minutes of planning banks and patches, I realized that the digitech would be an optimal foot controller choice for my two factor and amp switching pedal board! I opened the chassis and it has a lot of space inside!

      It would be possible drill 4 holes for aux-switches and some interfacing jacks!

      If someone with knowledge in all this "tip-ring-sleeve-ground" -stuff would help me out here! This is the configuration I would use:

      Timefactor auxswitch out to digitech "custom aux in 1"

      Modfactor auxswitch out to digitech "custom aux in 2"

      In the digithech there is space for 4 switches! I would use 2 for each factor, so here is the tricky part:

      would it be possible to have a third jack in the digitech for a "tap tempo in", that would be a shared switch for both MF and TF, as both of them have one auxswitch left unused?

      Thanks in advance!

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