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      Hi, my name is Rogerio and I'm a proud owner of one timefactor, one pitchfactor and one modfactor. They are all tight and professionaly fit in a pedalborad and I'm using the timefactor as a source for midi controlling the other two.

      Tonight I tried to play and my timefactor would not go into active mode. All the other utilities seems to be working fine (it would change the program, bank, go to system mode and send the midi signal for the other pedals) but there were no way that the pedal would go out of the bypass. I use an external auxiliary switch and I even programmed it to control the bypass, but it didn't change anything.

      I didn't do any upgrade at the program since I bought it because of the dificulties involving taking it out of the board.

      I could not find any similar case in the forum, sorry if I missed it.

      Thank you


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      Eventide Staff

      This can be caused by a failed upgrade, or by hardware problems. Some of these also affect the displayed serial number, so it would be helpful if you could look at this (SER# on UTILITY – see UM if needed) and see if it looks credible – it should show TF-xxxxx, where xxxxx is a number. Once you have done this, contact with your information.

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