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      Hi All,

      Trying to setup the bypass function via a CC#. I have a FCB1010 Floorboard. Went into the TF and set CC0 to bypass. No luck, went into the learn function and it picked up CC0, by when I click it, still no bypass.

      Is there something special I need to do here? The value for the CC is set to 0, but I don't think that should matter for this function.( I tried 1 anyways, still no change). I also tried several different CC#'s with no luck. The TF can pick up the channel as it grabs the correct CC in learn mode.

      Anyone know what I am doing wrong here? Does the Bypass mode need to be set a certain way?


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      Solved my own issue, thanks to another poster, The value for Bypass on the CC has to be above 63.

      So I think it is 0-63 – Active, 64-127 – Bypass.

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