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      I want to easily turn the H90 off with a preset of my Midi switcher, and then when I press the button again, it should STAY off (but it engages again).
      I assigned program active/bypass toggle. But I can’t find a CC# that ONLY switches off.

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      Hello sigitar,

      I recommend using the “P Act/Byp (M)” command for this type of control.

      An Active/Bypass parameter such as “P Act/Byp” will toggle between the active and bypassed state of the Program, so long as it receives a MIDI CC value of 64 or greater. This means every time we send a controller change message from a MIDI device with a value of 127, this command will change the current active state to the opposite state. Sending a value of zero will have no effect.

      When using the momentary version “P Act/Byp (M)”, the bypassed state will be triggered with a CC value less than 64, the active state will be triggered with a CC value of 64 or greater. This option is best for when we don’t just want toggle between state but we require specific control of OFF and ON commands, as in one button for off, another button for on.

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      Thank you for the explanation!
      I totally misunderstood the (M)omentary next to Act/Byp.
      I took it literally – sort of the opposite of latching. (and I wondered about it anyway)
      It is probably better to understand the M as an abbreviation for manual.

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      If your switcher is set to toggle – it will always turn it back on…


      if you’re using an Es-8 you could specify that it sends the 0 value in both states… in this case “on” will still equal off


      why would you hit the switch again if it’s already off?



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      “why would you hit the switch again if it’s already off?”

      because I use that preset in other songs too…but that is actually not the point.
      Joe Cozzi already helped me. It now works fine with my RJM PBC 6X.

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      Gotcha – glad you’re sorted!



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