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      Hello all. I know this has been covered through other threads, but I still can't seem to get an answer in regards to my current setup. My setup uses Voodoo Lab's ground control pro as a controller and the LF and TF are connected through MIDI. I'd like to bele to use one button changes for patches (example – hit one button and it turns on/off certain pedal loops, as well as changes patches on the MF and/or TF).

      My question is how to bypass the MF and/or TF independent of one another. I realize I can send a CC message from the Ground Control Pro to Bypass one of the pedals, but wouldn't this be sent to the next pedal (MF) through MIDI and bypass it as well?

      How can I send a bypass message to one through MIDI without affecting the other?

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      CCs can be sent on different MIDI Channels. You can set the 2 pedals on different MIDI channels and use the same MIDI CC on different ch. It's always good to have units on different channels in a multi-units setup when using MIDI.



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