can aux switches be assigned different functions for bank and play mode?

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      i've built a 3-button aux switch for my pitchfactor that works fine, but i'm confused about some of the info in the manual, and couldn't find an answer in the forums when i searched. 

      i would like to expand the flexibility of the pedal even more and am wondering if the aux switches can be assigned differently when in play mode than bank mode.

      i.e. i would like to have these options for the 6 switches:

      bank mode:

      1– bank setting 1

      2–bank setting 2

      3–bank up

      4–bank down



      play mode:



      3–toggle bank/play

      4-6–  3different flex/knob settings.

      i'm assuming that holding the right button down on the unit would still toggle between play and bank mode for all 6 switches when in bank mode?

      my goal is to be able to add some counterpoint harmonies with the extra flex switches by assigning them to different stale degrees or pitch-shift steps, or to add some craziness by being able to assign different arpeggio sequences to the different switches, or be able to change delay settings and do other weird stuff with those additional flex buttons, not to mention the blends possible with the expression pedal…

      i'm unclear on how this can be accomplished though– the manual talks about being able to assign multiple functions to the same footswitch, and doesn't clarify about the functions of the switches when in play mode vs. bank mode. since the 3 buttons on the unit change function in play/bank mode, i assumed the aux switches could be assigned to do so as well. is that the case, or is it something in between (i.e. the sw1-3 on the pedal itself change when toggled between play/bank, but the aux switches don't change, so you basically have 9 possibilities instead of 12? )

      if someone can please explain this for me i'd really appreciate it. i struggle with manuals and system modes and whatnot sometimes.



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      here was my follow-up question, so they can go in the same thread:

      after further reading, if i understand correctly, aux switches can
      be assigned to control knob functions, and potentially i could assign
      multiple knobs to the same switch, then assign max and min values for
      these knobs– flex is a separate feature. to get what i'm going for i
      probably just need to make several different knob assignments on the
      different aux switches.

      so my additional question now is:

      will the knob assignments i choose be the same for every preset i
      create? or is it possible to have a different knob parameter change
      assigned to and controlled by the footswitches for each preset (this is
      what i hope.)

      hopefully they aren't locked in for every preset– it would be
      frustrating if i programmed just the right change in delay time to a
      footswitch for one preset, but if that change was permanently assigned
      to the footswitch, so when i changed patches the same knob adjustment
      values created a totally useless sound.

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      after re-reading the manual a bunch of times, now i'm thinking i'm misunderstanding those knob function assignments. the manual says that whether you assign aux switches, or even midi switches, to control knob parameters, those settings will be global– so the range of knob change you specify will effect every preset, and every effect setting.

      this is kind of a bummer. the ability to assign switches or an expression pedal to control knob parameters is great! but limiting it so that those knob settings are the same for every preset means that the real usefulness is limited. it's unlikely that i'm going to find a single delay time setting, for example, that i want to toggle to on EVERY preset, or a key or interval change that i would want to use in every key, or a wet/dry mix that works for every setting… maybe there are memory limitations that necessitate that these knob controls be global, but i really wish that this was something that could be changed in later software. even if the memory was limited and you couldn't save mutliple knob assignments for the aux buttons for all 100 presets, allowing several  would be better than just the one.

      i really thought that at least the flex setting was programmable for upper and lower ranges, and any combination of parameters, for each preset, the same way that the expression pedal is programmable. the expression pedal programming is intuitive and useful; i just wish that the flex settings could be programmed the same way, and that the aux switches could be assigned to do alternate things for each preset.

      i think with 2 expression pedals i might be able to get what i want from most presets– but then i'll still want the aux switches to allow me to step up/down between banks and presets, set tap tempo, and use the flex control.

      maybe with a combination of MIDI, the aux switches, and the expression pedals this could work? what midi controllers are people using? i just don't know enough about programming effects and controllers to come up with an easy solution to do what i want with this unit. as a guitarist i want the pedal to operate intuitively, and some features really work for that while others don't.

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