Can H9 trigger the Gain Channel on an Amp?

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      A crazy thought, but was thinking if you went out of one of the AUX outputs into the gain channel of an amp, could you trigger the channel from a midi controller? I'm assuming no, but would be awesome, wouldn't need the boost pedal!

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      No.  Im pretty sure you would need a midi controller.  Ive been checking out a few midi controllers to control my H9's and TF there seems to be quite a few with Amp and TB effect loop switching.

      Midi controller could send a program change to H9 change channel on Amp and engage an analog overdrive all in one press….

      Check out these

      Pedalempire and deluxe guitars have them here in Aus CoolSmile

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      Yeah I've got all that covered, that's why I aksed.. I'm running Voodoo Lab Pedal Switcher/Commander with a Ground Control midi foot controller. Just wanted to know if it would work! 

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