Can I change the channel of my Mesa TC50 via MIDI? (H90)

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      Jose Novoa

      Hello everyone,
      It is possible to change a channel on my Mesa TC50, along with an H90 preset, for example I press button A and choose delay and channel 2, press button B and choose chorus and channel 1, and when changing banks choose another algorithm with their respective channel change on the amp?

      If it is possible, how can I do it?, H90 App?

      I appreciate your help

      Thank you

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      Eventide Staff

      Yes, but you’ll need to load a different program on the H90 every time you want to have it change the channel on your amp.

      On the H90, set MIDI output mode to Transmit, and you may need to set PC offset to 1 depending on how the PC messages work on the Mesa. Connect a MIDI cable from the H90 MIDI output to the Mesa MIDI input.

      You will then need to configure the Mesa so when it receives certain PC messages, it will use the correct amp channel for that H90 Program.

      Let me know if that helps.


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      Jose Novoa

      I’ll try it and comment on the results.
      Thank you so much!!!

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