Can I get close to this on my PF?

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      I had tremendous luck and success nailing a John Popper pitch delay from advice on this forum – thanks, Brock!

       Now, I am trying to tackle another pitch delay effect with my Pitch Factor (and Line 6 M5 if need be).

      The effect turns on about 2/3 through the song (sorry, but the time isn't listed)  It sounds like there is a pitch delay (which is where I am stuck) and something like Crystals going at the same time.

      I am hoping to nail the pitch delay and use the M5 Octo for the shimmery/crystals part.  Thanks!

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      Even since posting, I've gone through live shows from that time period on to see if there is another example, but all I can find is this song with just a crystals-like effect and not the pitch delay/synthy sound.

      FWIW, I actually sat in with Blues Traveler last summer…

      John used a midi board to turn on an effect that I am pretty sure is crystals, but it was so low in the mix, you can't hear it.  After the show I asked him about it, and John didn't know much about his gear.  I couldn't find his tech to ask…but I can fudge that with the PF or M5. 

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