Can I run the Modfactor and Timefactor with 1 power supply?

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      Hi forum.  I read that the x-factors require 500mA at start up and around 400mA operating at 9vdc.  if this is true, shouldn't I be able to run 2 devices with one of the 1200ma power supplies?  i love these pedals, but the wall wart situation has me more than frustrated.  Thanks in advance!

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      Eventide Staff

      We haven't tested running more than one pedal off a single power unit so cannot say. You might get problems with mains hum or ground loops.

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      Hi, my modfactor and timefactor original power adaptor broke coz i accidentally plug it on a 220v outlet..  However, i went to a hardware and bought a 1200ma ac-dc adaptor and was able to power the unit.  Its only for the modfactor.  I still have to buy another one for the timefactor.  At the back of the factor pedal, it say 1200ma, do i really need to buy an adaptor which should have 1200ma or more to be able to use the factor pedal?  Or 1 500ma would be fine?  Need ur advice.

      Thank you..

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      Eventide Staff

      Please see my answer above.

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