Can my H9 automatically connect to my iPad?

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      I’m enjoying my H9, my issue is that I seem to have to manually select it from my iPad’s Bluetooth settings for it to connect. I’ prefer to select the Control App and have it connect automatically. I have the same issue with my iPhone. Have I neglected a setting or is this normal?

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      I would really like that to happen too.  But, as of now, I have not found any way to make that happen.  Anyone else know???

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      Well, there's no way for H9 Control itself to auto-initiate the connection with the H9 unfortunately; you have to go into the settings app to create the connection with the H9.  We did early on have the H9 itself remember what had connected to it last and it would try to auto connect to a device if it had been paired with it.  But the problem with that was that it was difficult to get the H9 to switch from being paired with one device, e.g. your iPhone, to another device, e.g. your Mac.  If you were in the same room with your iPhone and your Mac, you'd have to use some special button presses to get it to drop the connection, and this was confusing a lot of the people that worked at Eventide, who said the pairing problems made it seem like their H9 was broken.  So, we dropped that auto connect functionality.  We thought if it was confusing us it would be even worse for our customers.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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