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      To clarify: 

      Heavily distorted guitar signals are very noisy.

      But I definitely want to pitch shift *after* distortion. Pitch shifting before distortion sounds horrible.

      I also want intelligent pitch shifting, that tracks accurately and very fast. Tracking the highly compressed and noisy post-gain signal also has issues.

      So! to my question:

      Can the pitch tracking be set to use a sidechain, so that I can feed it a clean guitar signal,

      while the pitch shifter processes a much dirtier input signal to the output?

      This is the main reason, but there are other possibilities that a sidechain “key input” (as it often called for compressors and gates) offer,

      such as processing the “key input” signal. (Not to be confused with key as in the scale).

      Please don’t confuse this with MIDI key control. I want to drive the pitch-tracker with an alternate AUDIO signal.

      The envelope of this signal would also need to be mapped to the wet control, so that when the level of the “tracker input” is too low, but the “shifter input” is audible, the input doesn’t get randomly and loudly pitch shifted.

      I could achieve this with a pitch-to-midi plugin, and octavox’s midi control i think, but I believe this should be built in. 

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      The feature you're describing isn't currently available in Octavox, but it's an interesting idea! I created a feature request in our issue tracking system to explore the idea and possibly implement it in a future version of the plugin.

      Thanks for the suggestion!


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