Can only adjust delay time in increments of 4ms???

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      Hi all

      I am demoing a timefactor for the week-end. I've read the manual. I am using the digital delay mode and can only seem to adjust the Dly time A & B in increments of 4ms. I would like to be able to do 1ms increments.

      I have the tempo function "off".

      Any ideas of whats happening?


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      If you are running software 2.4.1[1] or later, the encoder knob can be used to fine-tune any other knob parameter if turned within 2 seconds of turning any knob.

      Rough tune with the delay time knob (either Dly time A or B) and then within 2 seconds turn the encoder knob and you can fine tune the delay time 1ms at a time. The encoder works this way with any setting, such as mod depth, FX level, etc…

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