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      I see that ET is big about using the iPad/iPhone for controlling the H9. Also, I see that the H9 is fully MIDI implemented.

      I’m wondering if I can have my iPad bluetooth’d to the H9 and have it, in turn, connected via MIDI cables to my Strymon Mobius & Timeline, and have patches change on my Strymon gear when I change patches on my H9, all by touching a button on my iPad. This would be phenominal and cut down on tap dancing (especially since bank up/down on Strymon pedals requires multiple button presses simultaneously). I would love to have one bank on each device for each song in my band’s set – so that after the song ends, I touch a button on the iPad which then changes patches on the H9, Mobius, and Timeline all together.

      Has anyone done somethong similar? Any tips? I’ve never worked with MIDI before, really, so I’m gonna need it broken down Barney-style – or point me in the right direction.

      Thanks everyone – my H9 should be in my posession tomorrow, so I’m learning all I can in the meantime and brainstorming some ideas.

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      Eventide Staff

      Alas, we would like to do this in the future, but for now we can't. If you come in on Bluetooth, you cannot go out on MIDI. Sorry.


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      How about this:

      I have an Akai MPD26 (the MIDI controller with 16 touch-sensitive pads, 6 faders, and 6 knobs) – I could probably set that up on a mic/music stand and control everything from there, correct? Just daisy chaining the 2 Strymons and H9 all together? I’m sure I would have to consult all appropriate manuals and whatnot for exact instructions, but this should work, I imagine?

      Bottom line is that I’m looking for a way to have a more visual control over my parameters – I know some MIDI foot controllers exist for specific patch changes, but I’m more interested in being able to adjust stuff on the fly with the precision that knobs and faders offer.

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      Any midi controller should work but you will need to know how many different CC messages can be sent at a time. I know that the factor pedals have some midi mapping but not sure how deep or if the H9 shares that function. There could be a better way of doing this but I would set up each device with its own midi channel and then send our CC messages per channel. I could be important to see if you could invert the range of the CC message in your midi controller.

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      This is an ipad app that lets you create custom controls that issue midi commands.  very helpful!  check out

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