Can the h9 run off of 18v?

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      First thanks for any & all help…

      So i just got an h9 max off of eBay & have 2 options for powering this bad boy…I have the pigtronix power brick & none of its outlets get above 300ma…

      However it does have 2 outlets that can b set to 9v 12v 15v & 18v at 300ma. I currently cant do a current doubler cause ive got several other high current pedals (bigsky,hog2, infinity looper & echolution2).

      Depending on how much i dig the h9 i may b willing to ditch the hog2 & then there wood b no prob w current doubling.

      My power supply also has a courtesy ac outlet & is my fail safe.

      & I’ve got the polarity reversal adapter for the center positive requirement of the h9.

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      From the H9 User Manual, p47:


      The unit is a complex piece of equipment that does not react well to being dropped, bounced, crushed, soaked or exposed to excessively high temperatures, voltages, electrostatic or electromagnetic fields. 


      Notice voltages.

      I think I would err on the side of caution if it were me.

      Here is a link to the the manual.  Use the “Find” function on your browser or PDF reader to search for the word volt.

      There are 5 instances and none of them mention hooking it up to an 18 volt power supply.

      9v is the highest voltage mentioned in the manual.

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        BMW-KTM wrote:

        9v is the highest voltage mentioned in the manual.

        My colleague, Nick, would be the best person to respond to this post, but he's on vacation.  But from statements he's made in the past, 9v or 12v should be fine as long as its a stable power supply that won't fluctuate much above 12v.  15v or higher will damage the H9.

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      Thanks for the replies!

      I had seen posts about 12v usage n my hunt for the answer to my question. What would the current draw be at 12v? My power is good n clean so it shouldn’t b a problem 2 run at 12v provideo it’s not above 300ma

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      Eventide Staff

      To remove any doubt – do not run it at 18V. There will be damage.

      You can run it with a well regulated 12V supply, but a poorly regulated one may allow the peak voltage to rise too high. Unless you are an expert, it will be hard to know if this is likely.

      These products are designed to run with the power supply we provide – anything else may cause damage which will not be covered by the warranty and may not be repairable.

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      OK thanks for all the help guys!

      I’ll check 2c if i can get 400ma @ 12v if not ill use the provided power supply.

      Thanks again!

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