can this be dont with the timefactor?

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      hi everyone. so im in the transition on selling my nova delay and buy a timefactor. but i just want to know if this can be done with the timefactor.

      1. since it has a midi can it send out the tempo that you tapped in to other device? i have the M9 and have a hard time dealing with tapping both the nova and the M9.

      2. can it do a .8th and quarter note and change between the two with tapping a switch? like for now in a bank im using the .8th note then when in the song comes the chorus you change to the quarter note in the same bank. lol. am i making it clear guys? hehe.

      3. since its a dual delay, can i stack them both? lets say quarter note before the .8th note…

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      1. Yes TimeFactor can generate MIDI Clock which will send tempo to other MIDI devices.

      2. Yes TimeFactor has 100 Preset slots so you could save one preset with 8th note delay and another with quarter note delay and switch between the two. You could also switch between these with an aux switch, and expression pedal, and with MIDI.

      3. Yes you can always have two different delays with completely different settings, going simultaneously.


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