Can Timefactor assign 2 knobs-2 exp pedals?

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      I havent found any topic that covers my doubt. And that is:

      Is there any way to control multiple knobs but not with the same expression pedal?

      Lets say Im in looper mode and I would like to have one expression pedal controlling decay and other for looper volume. 

      I dont know if its better to be more specific about my case but if anyone have patience my goal was to end with:

      1 tap switch to quantize loop playback

      1 switch for loop varispeed resolution (it would be great to change intervals with a switch but i was meaning just like a REVERSE function)

      1 switch for loop speed (this is actually because im familiar with line 6 m9 looper and u can acess half and double speed really quickly. Having the quarter speed option makes me confused if it is possible to use the same way)

      expression for loop varispeed resolution

      expression controlling decay

      being able to bank up and down

      Also I dont know if it is possible to undo

      For most I was counting on disaster audio midi controller. What do u think?

      Thanks for attention



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      Eventide Staff

      I'm not sure that I understand.

      Factors only support one expression pedal, so that may be a problem.

      But, they will support a number of MIDI controllers, so that may be your answer.


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      There is no reason you couldn’t assign an expression pedal to any of the rotary knobs in the algorithms, as well as to the input or output volume levels.
      You would need a suitably customizable midi setup, of course.

      I didn’t look into your specific examples though… Maybe later 🙂

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