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      I'm interested in upgrading from my dd20 to a timefactor, but the way I always adjust time is by beats per minute(my band plays with a click track so its easier this way).  Was wondering it the time readout can be done in BMP instead of ms? 

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      You can view delay times in Beats Per Minute (BPM) by turning Tempo ON. Tempo is toggled on and off by pressing the Encoder button once.

      When Tempo is ON, DLY Time A and DLY Time B are set in rhythmic sub-divisions of the beat, i.e. note values from 0 delay to a whole note in common note increments rather than milliseconds. The value of the BPM is tapped in via the Tap footswitch. You can also manually dial in an exact BPM value by tapping the Tap footswitch once and then turning the Encoder knob.


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