Can you change the H9 Abbreviation for Presets?

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      Hi there, 


      Wondering if it’s possible to change the characters displayed on the H9 (Max in this case, but for this question it doesn’t matter) for each preset? For example, the default behaviour on the stompbox is to simply display the first 5 characters of each preset (Guitars In Space = GUITA, Wah Echo 1 = WAH E, etc.), but this gets problematic for presets which have the same name but are numbered at the end (the 5 character abbreviation appears the same for Time Slips1, Time Slips2, and Time Slips3, for example, all are shown simply as TIME ). 




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      Eventide Staff

      It is entirely possible – you can rename them to anything you want (and remember to save them).

      A good point for future preset creators….


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