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      Hello all


      Just unboxed the H9 but cannot connect to the Eventide website account via the control center of h9.


      Tried on different osx and ios devices but cannot connect.


      Bluetooth connection did not go through 3 mac computers all updated, tried turning on and off, erasing the cookies etc etc..bluetooth connection did work via iphone but cannot log into the account via the control center.

      Login is working on the general website of Eventide, but when trying to login on the website via control center that is a critical step obviously for the device to function, it says password user do not match in red despite changing even the passwords.

      I need it to operate wireless as it was advertised but could not ake the connection via the usb cable as no cable was supplied.

      Hope this critical issue will be solved soon as I have 30 days here to return it to the store for a refund if necessary.


      Thanks all

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      Eventide Staff

      Please send me your H9-Serial # to Let’s get this resolved for you.

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      mail sent thank you vey much for the quick response

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      joecozzi wrote:
      Please send me your H9-Serial # to Let’s get this resolved for you.


      Thanks to Joe who answered within 15 min the issue was solved. I was the dummy as I was trying to log in via my email ad instead of my user name. Got a bit to excited with the unboxing that stopped the mind from thinking. But hey…it`s nearly 1 am here  lol. Thanks again Joe and sorry for the trouble. But as I am a bit of a dummy, guess it`s a I`ll be back soon ! Have a nice evening.

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