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      I have a new H9 running v4.4.6[0] which works fine together with my iPad and iPhone.

      However – when I start the app I am prompted to upgrade to v4.4.6[1] so I click "Install Software".

      The app says "Downloading update" and the H9 shows R (or A) on the display.

      The app then shows "Preparing for update. Clearing required space in the stompbox's flash for the update."

      Thereafter the app churns for several minutes, and then displays the following error message:

      An error occurred while communicating with the H9 device <H9-03083>.

      The stompbox either did not respond or responded incorrectly to a request five times.

      Please verify that is still connected. (Error code sm_exceeded_maximum_attempts)

      Error code [sm_exceeded_maximum_attempts]

      I've tried this several times, with both iPad and iPhone.

      Tried connecting it to my Windows PC via USB to see if that would work, however there I get stuck on "Unknown H9 Connected!"

      I fill in my username and password, it churns a few seconds, then displays "Unknown H9 Connected!" again and so forth.

      Let's see that as a separate issue though, getting the upgrade to work concerns me more.

      thanks in advance  /Tommy
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      Hey, could you send an email to, and copy and paste your post into the email.  Sometimes, these issues are due to the power supply.  So, could you describe how you're powering your H9 and which country you're in?

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      Thanks for your reply, I've sent the email.

      I'm located in Sweden and am powering through a GigRig with an EvenFlo adapter.

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