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      it's my first post here, 'cause I can't find a solution for my problem with Omnipresssor.

      Facts: iMac i7, OS 10.8.5, Logic Pro X, Studio One prof.2.6.2

      All Eventide plugins work great in Logic, all activated & work great. So, today I opened an older session in my Presonus StudioOne. I can use all my Eventide plugins like Blackhole, H3000, 2016 – but if I open Omnipressor the GUI comes up, I can change parameters but nothing to here from the plugin. So I think it is an activation fail.

      So I started the iLok app. All licenses are active, I didn't changed anything – 'cause in Logic X the Omnipressor works fine.

      On the FAQ page I saw a question about activations. So I took the Omnipressor activation from the iLok dongle to my computer. But it also doesn't work….

      Then I made a complete new installation of Omnipressor – with the same result.

      Someone here who can help me?

      Thank you!Smile

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Vewia,

      What version of the Omnipressor plug-in are you using?  You should be able to tell by instantiating the plug-in and mousing over word Eventide in the plug-in GUI.  When you do, the version number should pop up.  If you are not yet using 2.1.3, please download and install it from here:

      If you are using 2.1.3, are you using the VST or AU version? If I recall correctly StudioOne can host both.  We don't test internally on StudioOne, so I can't guarantee that everything works fine, but I know people are using it and we haven't had any complaints.

      Please let me know how this works for you.


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      Hello Dan,

      thank you for answer. I use 2.1.3 AudioUnit. It is unbelivable, 'cause the same plugin works in Logic great. I made a topic on Presonus Forum where I explain my problem:

      So, mybe there is a auhorisation-bug in StudioOne, then I have to reinstall. I don't know.


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