Can’t get the spillover (between presets) to work (2.4.1[5])

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      Just updated to the new beta, and can't get the delays to trail off correctly when switching between presets. I can hear the loud yelping noises of the delay times changing, etc.

      Also, I've been having problems with using my saved presets via sysex… Once loaded, the mod depth will be set higher than literally possible, like 50. Can this be fixed in the firmware, or do I have to go back and fix all my presets one by one? (I have 200)

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      I have the same problem getting Delays to spill over between presets, im using 2.4.1[5]. I wish Eventide would give us an answer!

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      The annoying problem made me put my TF on ice, until Eventie found quickly a solution to this issue (I wait for 1,5 year for this, I think I'm pretty patient). If not, I'll sell it and get back to my good old Boss DD20…

Viewing 2 reply threads
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