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      I am perplexed. I have the H90 in dual mode running into my Quad Cortex utilizing i/o 1&2 into QC 1&2 s/r. I hear most of my programs from h90 but there are some with absolutely no sound. I have not made any new presets or programs. I am presently using factory presets and learning how to use the two units together before I make any new patches. Any ideas?

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      Eventide Staff

      Are you only using I/O 1&2 on the H90? Is so, then you’d be better off using Insert Routing.

      When using Dual Routing, press the Routing button and you can visually see which algorithms are on which path. By default, they should all be on path 1 (I/O 1-2) but perhaps some of them have been moved to the other path and that’s why you aren’t hearing the effects.

      If you are still having issues, please let me know the specific Programs you are having issues with and make sure the routing is correct.

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