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      Hi. I bought Ultrareverb from High Profile Audio/Plugin Discounts yesterday and have the serial number but I'm getting 'Invalid serial number' when I try to enter it on your registration page.

      I see there are some other users with similar problems..any ideas? Many thanks! N

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      1. Make sure you are logged in to before you attempt to register.

      2. In the product pull down, make sure you have selected UltraReverb rather than any other product.

      3. In the serial number text box, make sure you type a serial number of the format XX-###### (2 letters followed by a dash and 6 digits). Your email puts the serial number and the license key next to one another so people often copy and paste both sets of numbers into the serial number text box. The system would view this as invalid.

      Let me know if this still doesn't work.



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      Thanks Adrienne. I was trying to input the serial number with a 'SN' prefix.. all sorted now. Thanks 🙂 n

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