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      Quick summary, I took my H9 Max to a friend’s to demonstate the pedal. On my way home, I lost control of my vehicle and wrapped around a tree. I’m dong fine but when they pulled out the items left in the wreckage the Eventide H9 was badly scraped, both stomp switches broke off the pedal, plugging it in I get a bunch of random lights going off, and the top buttons took damage too. Plugged it into my laptop and it seems that it took hardware damage because it will not show up on my Control App. The pedal has no warranty thru Sweetwater so am I pretty much screwed? Or what should I do?

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      insurance? Some car insurance policy’s will cover damage to items in the car.

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      My insurance won’t cover the items as much as I tried to get them to. It’s no big deal, I’m glad I made it out alive. It was a fun couple of days playing thru it. Thanks tho.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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