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      I would like to be capable of using my Mastermind PBC to scroll up and down thru the presets in these pedals. Where do I find the Preset +/- CC numbers?

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      Well, you can go into the system mode on those pedals and check out the default mappings; you can also assign them there to anything you'd like.

      Or you could connect them to H9 Control, click on the Pedal button in the menu bar, go to MIDI Settings, and go to 'Assign MIDI CC messages to pedal functions'. The same information is available there.

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      Thank you! Why in the world I didn’t think to look there? I use the H9 Control program quite a bit… I was looking through the original .pdf manuals for a list. I’m getting old…..ugh

      Per the instructional video the guy posted last week I’m going to set up a PBC page that allows me to scroll up and down through presets pn the ModFactor, TimeFactor, and Space from the PBC. Then I can lock particular settings in for different presets on the PBC.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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