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      Emanuele Sereni


      I've got loaded on my H9 Max the Factory preset's library

      I'm editing and building on the ipad other libraries, one for each project i need (for example one for the blues band, one for the cover band etc etc), so that when i have to go playin'  i just need to load the right library in the H9 and my presets are perfects.

      But at the moment i can't change the name of the presets on the ipad. I mean, i can change the name

      only to the ones that are loaded in the H9, non the preset in the library of ipad. Why?

      The only way i find in the manual to rename a preset is by H9 switch and Knobs, but it is referred to the presets loaded in H9

      Can anyone help me?


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      Emanuele Sereni

      i read now the differences between User preset, Factory, Stompbox preset and List preset.

      So the right question could be "is it possibile to change name to a List preset"?

      Or i have to change it to the corresponding User (or Factory) preset? 


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      Hi Emanuele,

      In the upper right of the Presets screen there is a tab labeled "More". If you click that you should see a "Rename Preset" option. Did you see it?

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      Emanuele Sereni

      i see it only if i'm editing an user or factory preset.

      If i open a List preset, for example, that option doesn't exist. Is it right like this?

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      You're right. We'll need to add that option.  Another thing users have pointed out recently is that it's hard to change the name of presets on the H9 itself…  

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      Emanuele Sereni

      exactly, not hard but it takes lot of time.

      So i hope in a new release as soon as possible

      Thanks for the moment


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      Actually, if you're looking at a preset list that's stored on your iPad, if you open the preset whose name you want to change in the algorithm control screen, you can double click on the preset button to open up a dialog that will allow you to rename the preset. So, the functionality you need is there; it's just a bit hard to find.

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      Being a complete newbie, I would second Emanuele’s motion 😉 Found it difficult to workout on the ipad, not sure how to apply a workaround to this problem
      Kind regards,
      Bernie Egga

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      This is going to be better in the upcoming release of H9 Control.

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