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      Working on an Omnipressor stero-ization and am hoping to change a few things visually. The Release (and Attack knob modules) show as attached ms until I get to 1.000ms and I’d prefer to not have the decimal visible (ie 276ms to 1000ms instead of .276 & 1.000). I’ve tried moving the decimal around in the Statement window but haven’t been able to figure that out.

      For the Function Knob:

      Yes exactly the K_Function_Exp_Comp knob. This one is functioning correctly but what I’d like to do is when turned to the right is switches to displaying “Ratio x.x” and when turned to the left displays “Exp x.x” I’ve seen this functionality in some of the H9 Patches (Like Tricerachorus, the attached photos are of the same knob) but am not sure how to achieve it.

      The Vsig file is here


      Updated: I’m getting an error when trying to upload the screenshots

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