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      Hi all

      I promise I did search before posting so apologies if I failed.

      My board includes a Boss MD500, RV500 and DD500. I understand that Eventide still holds the harmonising crown and I want something to do diatonic harmonies and whammy effects. All is controlled by an ES-8 so I can change effects order by patch.

      Question is, given the above, any reason to get the H9 over the Pitch Factor. As I see it for the H9 it comes down to size, Bluetooth/iOS control and the other stuff that I have covered elsewhere. It’s also newer. Pitch Factor has instant on board controls, the ability to sense key via a footswitch and is less expensive.

      Also, how good is either today at Whammy effects? I have heard commented in the past that Line 6 do a better job of this and another option would therefore be to get the new HX Stomp. I could then also dispense with my occasionally used Atomic Ampli-firebox.

      Any advice gratefully received.


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      Given To Fly

      Based on what you already use, and your focus being on pitch FX now, I would recommend the PitchFactor. 

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      Driven Crane

      I have bought a Digitech Ricochet coz’ i did not like a Pitchflex algo. Anyway, i have two H9 Cores with 13 algos. They are really greatest tool.

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      Thanks guys. Thinking about my usage of the Whammy the Ricochet might work well. I could just adjust the ballistics for different tempos. It looks cool too.

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      After more research it seems the PF is overkill for what I need. I have ordered a TC Quintessence for those occasional diatonic harmonies and will likely get an EHX Pitch Fork. Things have certainly moved on in the last five years. Sorry no Eventide purchase this time around. I like the H9 concept of all in one box. If Boss weren’t so greedy they would have put out an “H500”. I can’t help but feel there’s a major update due to the Factor/H9 products so will keep a look out.

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      for those who have 2 h9 or two pitchfactor maybe, or one and one

      Did they try the diatonic/quadrabox and harmodulator? I would like to buy another pitchfactor to use both together, but I do not know if it sounds good or to plastic.


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      And now I have gone full circle and ordered a Pitchfactor. TC Quintessence is an amazing unit but everything needs changing on the fly. I need my presets. I won’t need the extra spaghetti of having the Ricochet wired in and although the Pitchfork sounds great, it’s more spaghetti and again needs adjusting on the fly (and it’s buffered which I don’t want)

      Pitchfactor will be perfect for my needs. I should have ordered one first.

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