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      I am still in the "messing around phase" with my Timefactor, as I find most of my favorite sounds quite by accident. But perhaps my most favorite sound of all, that I used to get with my line 6 pod, has eluded me: a clean large smooth spacy delay with no repeats.

      I stumbled onto this John Petrucci video on YouTube where you can clearly hear this sound about two thirds of the way through during lesson EX-2. I have my rig set up similar to the way that he described his at the beginning of the video were my guitar is direct into the Mesa Boogie Mark V amp and my delay unit (Timefactor) is in the effects loop of the amp.

      Any tips on how to dial in that type of delay with the Timefactor would just make my flipping day!

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      I would use the Digital Delay Effect Type and turn Feedback to 0. You can a spacey sound by turning the Depth knob up.

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      Thanks for the input!

      When I configure the Timefactor as you suggest I hear a single repeat with more modulation added when turning the depth knob up. While I admit this is a cool sound, this is not what I was looking for.

      The closest sound to what I'm looking for can be found in preset 1:2 Airplane Hanger (Multitap). However this sounds more like a noisy reverb then the sound I am looking for.

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      I think I hear reverb in that video. Delay and Reverb.

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