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      Hey Eventide!

      Proud owner of both a Pitch and Timefactor here – amazing pedals that i look forward to using each time i'm not playing guitar. 

      So a switch on my Timefactor (the center one) is a little flaky. Most of the time, it works just fine, but every now and then, (de)activation is a little slow. Short of taking it off of my board and risking a few weeks without my dear Timefactor, would it be frowned upon to open it up and spray the switch down with contact cleaner? Is disassembly easy?

      Please let me know if this is merely a cleanliness issue or does the switch have to be replaced already? I've definitely owned it for longer than a year, could be two. 


      Marc David.

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      Eventide Staff

      We did have a bad batch of switches at one point in the past. Some people have been successful  in cleaning them, otherwise they have to be replaced (soldering).

      Have a go at carefully cleaning them (don't make a mess !). If that fails,

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