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      When I turn on Clock IN on the Timefactor (to receive midi clock from Ableton Live) the tap tempo function doesn't operate at all (just displays the current BPM) that makes sense if I couldn't change the tempo at all while in midi sync mode but I can if I hit the tap tempo once to display the BPM and then manually change it with the encoder knob. It stays at whatever tempo I changed it to until a new midi clock signal is sent. So the hardware/software is already setup to have local and midi control of tempo at same time. It would be nice to be able to have tap tempo function AND clock in function so if I am not using sync for a particular song I don't have to go into the system and turn it on and off. 

      For community and Eventide: is this option already available and I am missing something? If not can this be added in a future update?

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      I've asked this same question – in a previous software release that's how it worked (and I loved it)

      When I asked about it they said it was a "glitch" that was fixed in the latest update. I'd LOVE to be able to tap in tempo again when the unit isn't receiving midi clock (and have midi clock override the tempo when it is)

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      who said it was a "glitch"? i have the latest version and its not fixed for me.

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      Eventide Staff

      We gave this great thought and decided that the unit should either operate in MIDICLOCK mode, or in Tap Tempo mode. If it were otherwise, there would be uncertainty about what the tempo source actually was. You may disagree, but we think that repeatable, predictable performance is very  important. Any other approach would conflict with this goal. Sorry.

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      Whoever replied to my email (from eventide) told me it was a glitch they "fixed" that tap tempo should not work when midi clock was enabled.

      I, like you, wish we could have both, where tap would work if no active midi clock was being received, and then midi clock would take over from tap.

      Maybe they'll give us the options one day. 

Viewing 4 reply threads
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