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      I've got a MODFACTOR and it's so good I am thinking about a TIMEFACTOR too.

      But, is it a good idea to chain FACTOR pedals?

      Each one has it's own DAC converters, so is this going to be an issue?

      Things like: latency, signal quality etc…

      Or all they all so good that you just can't notice a thing when you chain them!

      I'd love a comment from someone with more than one, as I guess the next step is to get the Pitch and the Space!



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      I had similar thoughts, and have 3 of the factors.. Before getting the third I did some latency tests.  I measured 2.25 milliseconds, consistently, from analog in to analog out. I tested this using both the timefactor and the pitchfactor, recording a drum machine click, capturing the input and output with y cords to pro tools, and counting the samples between the waveforms. I did the same test with the TC repeated too, and came up with 1.65 ms, which matches their published spec, and verifies the test validity.

      I don't think that 2.25 milliseconds would be a problem, until you got to 4 or so pedals.

      As far as the multi conversions go, I have delay pretty much on all the time.. the other factors i use for effects off and on occasionally, and so do relay bypass with them when I'm not using them.  So there is no conversion or latency for those pedals unless they are on.

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      Hi Dan,

      I ran a TimeFactor, ModFactor and PitchFactor at the same time … all in an FXLoop for over a year.

      I was concerned about the the latency and DAC etc before I tried it….but in reality….I had zero issues in real world situations in all the time I was using that set up.

      I always found the convertors and buffers to be great in the Eventide boxes.



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      Thanls for that response Caveman. Great tech figures 2.25 milis. That sounds like no trouble. It's probably about how long it takes the sound to travel from my amp to my ear.

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      Thanks Martin great to know you had 3 up with no problems.



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