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      Hello 🙂


      i just recieved my new H9 and tried it out yesterday – amazing prestine Soundquality when using it with my Guitar but as soon as i use it with my Sub37 some high pitched , digital signals appears which sound like youre hearing the calculations of the Computer.

      Random high frequency squeaking sounds

      I dont not mean White Noise or Hum .. its the Same Noise what you somethimes hear when using cheap onboard soundcards (by moving mouse or doing stuff with the Computer)

      I could provide Audio Examples but Digital Noise discribes it best.

      Here is my Setup :

      Sub37 out to H9 using Ballanced Patch Cables (1m cheap ones) -> out to my Firewire Rme Mutiface II.

      When using unballanced Cables the Digital Noise gets louder.

      When i plugin my Sub37 directly into my Rmes inputs i hear absolutly no digital noise (as well as no white or hum noise – perfectly).

      When i record something from the Moog with h9 connected the Digital Noise appears constantly and is on the Recording so i really need to find a solution.

      PS : all Devices are connected on the same power point with multible power outlets (distribution sockets?) .


      Can you Help how to get rid of the Digital Noise ?? do you have some Tips where to look , what to switch ?





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      Eventide Staff

      Hard to know without being there, but I'm going to guess that you have some kind of ground loop. All you can really do is to simplify the wiring as much as you can, and try different cables and connections, and have a good look at your grounds.



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      Eventide Staff

      Hi karmarilla,

      We actually have a Moog Sub37 here at Eventide.  We don't hear what you're describing when feeding the H9 from the Moog.

      But it would help to know what algorithm you're running on the H9 as well as what patch you're using on the Sub37 to see if there is some kind of interaction we could reproduce, then try to explain.



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      Hello ,

      it seems there must be a ground issue with the moog or my pc …

      I reallly tried everything now – reduced my setup to only pc (checked all usb connections) and moog and the h9 – had even the monitors and screens not connected and still had this noise.

      The strange thing is that is not there when the moog is connected directy to the soundcard.

      When the h9 is between them as soon as i plugin a Audio Cable in the h9 input from the moog or i plugin the power cable in the moog the noise appears (even with the moog turned off).

      i have found a Solution which works for me by using the H9 as a send effect with Dry Audio killed so the audio passes through the soundcard first then to the h9 and back.

      No Noise ! perfect and iam happy with it.

      On the other hand its a little sad that i cant connect it directly.

      I may have to research what else i can do with ground issues .

      @h9controller its not related to a patch on the h9 or moog – it has to do with the physical connection of the devices – i even brought a complete new cable set , gold plated trs ones still same behaviour.


      In any way , thans for motivating me checking my setup which let me find a solution 🙂 !



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      Are you connecting H9 Control to the H9 via USB when you are hearing this?  If so, USB could be the source of the noise, and it could be worth trying this without H9 Control connected via USB to see if that is actually the source of the noise.

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      Hi ,


      no iam just using the physical outs – no usb involved yet but as you said it i tied it out of connecting usb makes any difference but sadly it doesnt.

      Same noise when the h9 is connected via usb.

      Heres a recording of the noise ( if links are allowed) :

      Its amplified a lot so you can hear it better – in reality its not that noisy but it adds up if it was on every recording.


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