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      Hi there,

      Trying to make sense of the various routing capabilities of MXLNK. I'd like to connect a mic (phantom powered condenser) to the "MIC / LINE IN" XLR input, then pick on some effects via an H9 stompbox through the effects loop of MXLNK on the fly and then send it all out to a guitar amp which is connected with a 1/4 jack on the "TO AMP" output. Will that work? Or does microphone input only leave through the "DI / LINE OUT"?



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      hi Michael

      What you describe will work.

      DI/LINE out is copy of the AMP Out, but is fixed at a DI or LINE level, so the Output Level 

      control that sets the level for Amp Out and headphones has no effect on the DI/LINE OUT level.

      joe waltz


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      Thanks Joe!

      I was not able to extract that information from the various routing diagrams on the webpage as there's either a mic connected and the di/line out, or a mic and an instrument connected – but then going out through both amp and di/line outs.

      Now that makes sense. Way easier using MixingLink than the AUX send of a mixing console then. Saves two DI boxes I guess.


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