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      I would like to put the H9 in the middle of an effect chain of BiasFX. I can put an effect in BiasFX through an interaudio app but I don’t know the better app only to connect the H9 sound. Any suggestions?

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – I am unfamilar with either BiasFX or interaudio. I assume these are other pieces of equipment – I would suggest that you contact their manufacturers for help on using them.

      H9 is pretty easy to connect – it has inputs and outputs. Some of the routing modes do indeed require more technical knowledge, but we cannot easily provide this.



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      Thanks Nick,

      I think I’ve got the answer. BiasFx are effects and amp modeling software and you can put any other interapp audio in the chain using an audio interface. I’m going to try to put the H9 on a clean “Tonestack” preset and after place Tonestack in the BiasFx chain. Maybe it can works.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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