Connect two H9s to one 2-button Aux Switch via Y-Cable?

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      Perhaps this particular scenario has been covered somewhere, but I don’t think I’ve quite found it.  I have 2 H9s, and I’m looking to add separate “Performance Switch” functionality to each.  Rather than using two 1-button aux switches, however, I’d like to use a single standard 2-button aux switch, and connect it to both H9s using a single standard Y-cable (i.e., single stereo end into aux switch and dual mono ends into H9s).  Could anybody confirm that this will (or will not) work?  Thanks in advance!




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      I can’t confirm- but I bet it would. Could the common ground interfere somehow?  Maybe? You gotta try it and see.


      I CAN tell you it would be trivial to modify almost ANY two button switch to  have two independent single switches feeding two separate mono jacks. It would take 20 minutes and $2 in parts. BUT- I bet it will work just how you said.

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