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      I spoke with Jay at NAMM and he suggested I use this forum becausse your engineers read it.

      I have worn out your overworked tech person!

      Here are some issues I face:

      First, I must say, this is my 2nd unit. The first was returned when it would ‘morph’ from sound to sound , without provocation, so much so that it was un usable.

      Note: I only use 2 patches; “Vibra” and NiceChorus’.

      -the sounds do, still, ‘evolve’ over time. Often a long echo becomes apparent when there is none in the patch. It is stopped by reloading the patch.

      However, this does not help in pro performance situations.

      -At start up the patch will have un assigned characteristics. I almost always hav to relaod after start up.

      It is almost like ‘leaky transistors’ if such a thing is still in play….


      More weirdness. I have the PF set to only transmit midi info. No internal communication with these patches.

      What I find is like a “Midi logjam”. Simple cc66 and 64 messages will trigger inconsistantly. I have checked the pedals with other products. They work fine. And they work fine with PF about 1/2 the time.

      I have no midi in cable attached. 

      All this has been a big dissapointment for pro use. It would be fine if I were a hobbiest, but I thoght your products would be professional caliber. Not so far unless you can be of help.


      Peter Einhorn


      Creative Tunings Inc.


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      peter37 wrote:

      -the sounds do, still, 'evolve' over time. Often a long echo becomes apparent when there is none in the patch. It is stopped by reloading the patch.

      It's not quite clear to me what you mean hear. Please set your PitchFactor up in isolation with just the PitchFactor, a guitar and an amp with no MIDI in or expression pedal attached and make a quick cell phone video showing what you're hearing.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Peter,

      Sorry that you've had problems with your pitch factor.

      The startup symptom may be caused by a faulty nonvolatile memory. We've only seen this once or twice but it's possible. When the PF powers down, the currently loaded preset and its values are saved to memory. The memory could be faulty or the circuitry that detects powering off could be defective. 

      I don't know what could cause the sound to evolve over time unless there's feedback happening somewhere. I'm sorry to say that I cannot account for the MIDI logjam either but I'll check with someone who knows more about this. 

      Greg's suggestion is a good one. It would help us if we had a better sense of what you're experiencing. 

      I have to say that we have lots of folks using our stompboxes on the road and, while admittedly nothing can be perfect, we do everything we can to make a reliable product.

      BTW, I checked out Spidercapo and its cool.

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      Hi Peter,

      Have you been able to try Greg's suggestion? 

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