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      Hi all,

      I want to be able to control my TimeFactor and Space with the Rocktron Xchange (not to big and seems to features all I need). The idea is to use the Xchange to up or down presets on the both pedals, simultaneously, and to have one Rocktron Hex expression pedal for each factor pedal.

      I'm new to midi devices and don't know if this configuration can works.

      Thanks in advance for your help.


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      I don't have any first hand experience of that controller personally, but have used their MIDIMATE amongst others.

      Reading the Xchange manual on line it looks like it can be set to a single MIDI Channel and then will send Program Changes with the UP/DOWN buttons.

      So the easiest way to do it would be to have both Factors set to receive MIDI on the same MIDI Channel and it would work as you describe.

      The more elegant way would be to use the MIDI MAP function on the first Factor connected to the Xchange ….this would be more complicated to set up…but potentially be more flexible ….may not be needed though if  you can live with the single MIDI channel set up.

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      Thanks for your very fast response 😉

      I'm ok to set my factor to "listen" on the same channel. What i want to be sure is describe below :

      Preset 1 (Xchange) = Preset 1 (space) and preset 1:1 (timefactor)

      Preset 2 (Xchange) = Preset 2 (space) and preset 1:2 (timefactor)

      And so on…

      But my main issue is to know if i would be able to use one Rocktron Hex Expression Pedal (connected to the "Smart Controller" of the Xchange) by "Factor" to modify a specific parameter (Knob) on each "Factor"

      I've read my factor user manual and the Xchange one's too, but i can't figure it out… ;-(

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      No worries, happy to help 🙂

      Yes the presets look like they would work like that.

      Again, no speciffic knowledge of this controller but based on experience with other controllers and reading the manual.

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