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      Hi Guys:  I've read through all the posts on this and come away a bit confused.  I have a MF & a TF.  I have 1 3-way aux switch that I can connect to either.  I'm trying to avoid having another 3 way aux switch by transmitting the aux settings from one factor to the next via midi.  Ideally, I'd like to do same with 1 expression pedal.  This question assumes both pedals are not in use simultaneously.  In that case, is it possible to use one 3 button aux switch and 1 expression pedal to control both devices?  Can anybody explain the midi settings to made this happen? 


      Exp pedal controls W/D mix.

      3 Aux switches are tap/ bank up/ bank down.

      Sorry that I couldn't glean this from other posts.  My midi skills are pretty modest.


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      If you (or someone you know) can make cables, you can delay MIDI lessons for a while.

      Essentially, you can make a 'Y' lead and connect the pedal and the aux switch to both boxes simultaneously. There is a faint risk of ground loops, but I assume you are using both boxes in the same setup.

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      I have a simple tap tempo switch I plug into my Timefactor and it syncs to my Space via MIDI.  I then have an expression pedal that goes into an A/B box.  One output goes to the TF and the other to the Space, so I can use the expression pedal for either one depending on how the box is switched.  Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but it works well for me.

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      I would suggest using midi over trying to split the cables. I use an expression pedal and an aux switch with a PF and an MF and it was cake to get them synced up (though I am having a slight issue with the PF not saving xmt cc settings…).

      The instructional videos provide a very nice, step-by-step process to doing this. The short of it is you figure out which pedal you want as the master, set midi transmit to 'on', then select which channels tip, ring, and t+r transmit on. You then go into the other pedal and select what functions you want those channels to control. The expression pedal will be on the same channel by default. 

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      Thx!  Yes, this is what I want to do.  I don't want to do the Y cable thing if possible.  I read the manuals and think I get how to set one pedal to XMT Exp pedal  & tap (tempo) to another.  What I can't figurre out is how to get program change to slave pedal.  If I let TF be "master" and it is connected to MF then I need to xmt PC thru TF to MF.  I don't see a way to do this.  PC message to TF does not go "thru", right?

      Do you know if there is a way?


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