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      Billy Foppiano

      Why are the controller numbers limited up to #99?

      The really juicy stuff happens later…Is there a way to translate the numbers up…say to between 119 and 109?

      And what value is Tap tempo, for MOD and TF?

      Thanks much!

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      I believe you're the first person to ever ask about this. Limiting the controllers to 99 meant that we only needed two digits to display them in menus. Also the majority of guitar players using MIDI CC only use a couple of them, so 99 seemed like plenty.

      You might be able to translate the MIDI CC numbers up with a laptop but not with the Factor Pedal alone.


      In the MIDI / RCV CTL menu you can assign TAP to any MIDI CC in the list.

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      Billy Foppiano

      Thanks for getting back….Yah, I have some stuff I'd like to control with the TF, BUT the addressable parameters are controller numbers 119, and so on …..It would be cool to use the TF as a MIDI controller for these upper #s…

      Problem is, there aren't boxes that do this……that I am aware of……

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      how would you use a laptop to translate the cc#s?

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      I'd also like to request the ability to send and receive CC numbers above 99.

      I'd like to use the expression pedal (plugged into my Timeline) to control my factor pedals but it only sends expression pedal on CC#100.

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      how would you use a laptop to translate the cc#s?

      Not to speak for Alan / Eventide, but he's referring to using a MIDI translation program to shift the incoming CC messages above 99.  It's more of a studio solution, unless you have a laptop live that can be inserted in your MIDI routing.

      MIDIOx is an old classic written for older O/S.

      Bome's MIDI Translator also comes to mind.

      MIDIMunger might work as a VST solution.

      I use Sonar, so that has the Event Inspector, and can load MIDIFX, such as TenCrazy's CC Map.  There are probably many other similar solutions in competing DAW programs.

      The simplest hardware solution for me has been MIDI Solutions Event Processor or Event Processor Pro.  MIDI-powered, small pedalboard footprint, and an amazingly versatile MIDI toolkit.  Programming the device isn't exactly intuitive, but it gets easier, and the free programming app helps out a lot.  Plus, you only have to program it once (from a computer) for a single type of MIDI application.

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