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      I'm trying to get a strategy together to setup my patches. For midi I'm using the voodoo labs ground control pro in 4 preset/8 instant access mode. I want to say have one of my two H9's set to modechoverb but inactive for a preset, than use three IA buttons to toggle it active and tweak the parameters. The GCP IA buttons have a toggle mode where you can define one for chorus, one for reverb, one for delay. So when I step on one it stays lit and the effect goes on. My question is how to handle turning it off. Ideally I would step on the IA button again to toggle it off. I don't see how this would work though. Wouldn't it just send the same midi cc message? Or is there like an undo message? I know I could just step back on the preset button to disarm it.. The problem with this is that maybe this will reload the preset and I will get the volume drop off for a sec while it's bypassed. Anyway please let me know if anyone has any thoughts on this. 

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      What exactly does the Ground Control Pro send out when you toggle it on and off?  Is it the same MIDI CC value twice and if so what is the value?  Or is the on value above 64 and the off value below 64?

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      I'm not really sure! 

      Here is a link to the manual, top of page 12 talks about the on off behavior but is not specific about what is actually sent for the off command

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      So I've been studying midi CC and I think I'm still missing something fundamental. For example, on the H9 midi CC map, for parameter control you can tell parameter 1 to respond to CC05. There is a range of values to pick. I don't understand how you tell the h9 where in the range to go. as far as I can tell I can send CC05 but not CC05 plus another bit to say what range to go to. 

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      Each MIDI CC message you send to the H9 tells the parameter you set it to control to go to a certain value.  For example, if you set parameter 1 to respond to CC05, and then send a 0 to CC05 (on the MIDI channel you've set for the H9, or any channel if OMNI), parameter 1 will be set to its lowest value.

      This gets a little tricky in some cases, because we have to map the parameters, with whatever range they may have (for example, Dry/Wet mix parameters go from 0% to 100%), where MIDI CC values go from 0 to 127.  To get around that, we re-map the parameter values to set MIDI CC values; for example, to get 100% wet, you would send a 127 to that MIDI CC event number, and other Dry/Wet values will map into the range between.

      Other parameters have different ranges and possible, so it might take some exploration to find exactly the behavior you want for any given parameter.

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      Ok, it sounds like what I suspected is true.. There is more than just an on message sent for each CC.. Or rather a single message with more data than I originally suspected. So I understand now when I "unclick" or turn off the IA button on the voodoo it sends a CC05 plus a zero value (sticking with 05 to be consistent). What I still don't see is how to tell the voodoo what value to send when the IA button is switched to on. It seems like I need to tell it the button is CC05 and a value.. I don't see anywhere that let's me choose a value. I guess I better try voodoo support

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      Ok, I think I got it, when the IA button is on, it sends a "full on" value of 127. Ok so this makes sense but brings me to another problem. Since the CC map on the H9 is global and there is only one field for each parameter it appears I only have the capability to use two settings for each parameter. For example I can set mix to zero with a cc off message and say 30% with a cc on message. What if I wanted another IA button to change it to 60%? 

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