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      I am new to this forum and I still have to decide whether to buy the H9, so I apologize in advance if these questions are too trivial or has been answered already.

      Here’s the scenario: I use primarily an iPad Pro for adding effects to my sax using multiple apps that are chained together (in serial or in parallel) by means of a virtual mixer app (i.e. AUM app). This setup has a few interesting advantages: for example, since all effect apps support MIDI learn for their parameters, I can control their parameters by means of external MIDI gear and wearable devices such as OWOW Wiggle or Genkinstruments Wave. 

      I would like to replace most of the sound effects apps with an H9, but I wonder whether I can achieve the same flexibility in manipulating its parameters via MIDI, from another app or an external MIDI device. The problem with MIDI wearable devices is that they need to go through an app running on a Mac, PC or iOS device. Therefore it is required that the same H9 be controlled by both the H9 Control app and another app that sends MIDI. Here are my questions for you H9 experts:

      1) can the H9 Control app be controlled via MIDI or some other protocol by another app running on the same iPad? — its manual doesn’t mention MIDI learn or similar

      2) if not, if the H9 is connected to the iPad via bluetooth, would the same bluetooth connection carry MIDI signals produced by other apps running on the same iPad?

      3) if not, would it be possible to use bluetooth to connect to the H9 Control app and a USB cable to receive MIDI from other iOS apps running on the same iPad? 

      4) if not, would it be possible to use bluetooth to connect to the H9 Control running on one iPad and the USB cable to receive MIDI from iOS apps running on a different iPad?

      5) if not, can anyone suggest a solution for this scenario?


         thank you,



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      There is a setting in H9 control To connect a MIDI device via the app.

      I don’t know if these wearables would work with it.. but the architchture is there.


      That is- connect your wearbales to your IPAD, connect your Ipad to the H9 via Bluetooth.. and maybe, just maybe, the H9 control can pipe the MIDI through BT to your h9. 




      If not, it can certainly be done with a windows computer and a MIDI cable

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      I’ll try that, thanks !

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