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      Hello, I tried searching this but couldn’t find anything or figure out exactly how to search for this.

      I am wanting to control two parameters with one expression, which is easy enough to do. BUT, is there a way to set one of the parameters to sweep the parameter in reverse?

      My thought is to adjust the stereo panning on one of the pitch algorithms so as I sweep the expression values, the Left side slowly pans to the right while the Right side slowly pans to the left. This can create some really interesting movement in some effects, especially with an automated expression input from the MC6.

      Any help in achieving this is appreciated.

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      To make a parameter sweep in reverse you just drag the end points around the parameter dial in the reverse direction.

      A reverse sweep range appears in bright yellow-orange instead of the faint color of the knobs.

      That’s it.

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        DOH. Not sure why I didnt think to try that. Thanks!

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