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      I have a load of presets that I can’t delete on my H9. They are all the same preset, over 30 of them, and no matter what I do I cannot get rid of them from the H9 using the Control OSX app and bluetooth. The editor will respond if I drag and drop to replace the presets, but not if I choose ‘Delete’. So after dragging and dropping 30 odd times to empty those slots I can ‘save’ the new preset list to the H9. But as soon as I click the pedal icon again the list reverts to how it was before.

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      You can use a Factory Init (see UM) to delete all non-factiory presets on the H9. Save any that you need to keep on H9Control first.



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      Thanks, I ended up saving the presets first then initialising as suggested. Hope it doesn’t happen again.

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