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      I've had a TimeFactor for years, and one of the big software updates (that changed the Tape "hiss" control to "saturation") made the pedal even better! So if Eventide continues including new features as the software is updated, I'm wondering if this might some day be included:

      Different "modes" in some of the effect types. So for example, when i scroll with the encoder, I might see "Tape Echo 1" and then  "Tape Echo 2" before the LED switches to Mod Delay. And then there could be the current Tape Echo algorithm, and then a different Tape Delay algorithm with the same basic sound, but with only one delay, so that the Dly Time B and Feedback B knobs could be devoted to controlling other parameters, like Wow speed or Wow LFO shape. (I guess I really just want this, because using a 5ms Tape Echo with the Wow control up makes an ultra super duper tape flanger, and I wanna control the speed and LFO shape!)

      Just a thought, just a thought.

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      Thanks for the suggestions!

      Glad you like Eventide Stompboxes! These are all good ideas. Have you checked out the Eclipse? I think you'll find that it does these things and more!

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      Yes! The TimeFactor is the best digital effect I've ever owned, and running it through two overdriven tube amps is a defining element of my band's sound. I never understood what people were talking about when they praised a digital effect as "transparent" until I got the TimeFactor. But now that I've looked at the Eclipse, it's on my wishlist for my dream rig.

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